Our Projects


Today we are developing a complete automation platform for small businesses. This would allow them to create their own business rules and still automate the working in their organization. It manages Financial Accounting, Inventory Stores, Payroll and HRM, CRM and Documents. Developed as a platform and not an application, this product would be easily customizable for any type of organization.

Data Conversion System

Developed a background service that converted data from an existing database to a format that would be accepted in the Citibank systems, thereby allowing the two independent systems to share data. This application ran on a separate windows box as a service sharing “live” data between two systems that had different data formats, thereby allowing the two systems to work on “live” data from the other system.

Hedge Fund Manager

Developed for clients in Zurich, customized software to administer multiple classes of Hedge Fund. The system tracks shareholder transactions and fund information. Integrated with several due diligence applications, providing automatic checks of all contacts against database of prohibited entities (OFAC, SDN, etc.).

Intelligent Hospital System

One of our flagship projects. A complete MIS application for automation of hospitals, it managed the patient database, history, medication, dispensary, accounts and all reporting needs. Currently undergoing cloud connectivity, this is a highly scalable and reliable solution for automation in hospitals.

Intermediary Management System

Customized software to administer and track intermediaries’ commission payments. An n-tier application created using Visual Studio .Net. DTA payments Interface allows user to upload payments via UBS bank’s e-banking software. Data access to SQL Server 2000 coded using ADO.net. Crystal Reports .Net for reports in the projects.

Vehicle Dealership Management System

A complete MIS application for automation of Ashok Leyland dealerships. The software keeps details of vehicle purchase, sale and service with all reports required for claim, service and government forms. Software also manages inventory, generates quotations and manages accounts.


A complete MIS application for automation of educational institutions. It manages the student details, subjects marks, generates customized mark sheets and graphs, fee slip generation and posting in accounts ledgers, library management with complete accounting module.

Trust / Company Management System

Developed as a commercial package to manage and form trusts and offshore Companies in the Cayman Islands. The package was customized for each client as per their requirements.